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Evans-Pritchard Lectures

All Souls College, Oxford (2022)

A Legal Politics of Religion (Lecture #1 – 50min)

Faith in the Rule of Law (Lecture #2 – 55min)

Shari’a Politics as Legal Politics (Lecture #3 – 55min)

Embracing Positionality (Lecture #4 – 47min)

Talks on Shari‘a, Inshallah

God’s Law: When Religious Faith Builds Peace, Protects Human Rights and Promotes the Rule of Law (1:31:00)

Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professor at University of British Columbia (2022)

Book Talk at Law and Society Association conference 2021 (4min)

Interview in 2022 for New Books Network (1:16:00) · Open link

Interview in 2021 on KSQD, Institute for Social Transformation (28:14) · Open link

Interview in 2022 with Jadaliyya · Read the transcript

Interview in 2021 with the Center on National Security, Vital Interests Forum · Read the transcript

Other Talks

Panel on “How To Conference” at Law and Society Association, 2021  (58min)

Panel on Publishing in Law & Society at Center for Justice, Law, and Societies conference, 2021  (01:31:00)

Interview in 2013 with Jadaliyya on the book Law’s Fragile State · Read the transcript

Talking about Methods podcast

Interview on “The Price of Positionality,” University of Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, 2022 (32min) · Open episode